The ManuLearn project, implemented in 2020, has been extended for the second year in a row, and as the second cycle of the project, continues the activities in 2021 with additional relevant updates.

ManuLearn II (hereinafter referred to as ManuLearn) aims at increasing the innovation potential of the participating EIT RIS countries by enhancing the educational framework and boosting digitalization under the concept of Industry 4.0. The project also aims for impact across industry and academia through the promotion of gender balance and the enhancement of soft skills.

Jointly created exchange of experience to industrial manufacturing challenges will be implemented by combining Teaching Factory and Learning Factory concepts with other learning practices. The exchange of industrial challenges and the good practice experience will be performed through a collaborative network across the industrial and academic sectors. Special focus will be given on Teaching Factory events with skilled women from companies to help motivate young people to avoid gender stereotypes.

Special focus in this year’s project activities is given to:

  • Manufacturing education in the context of COVID-19
  • Gender balance in manufacturing
  • Boosting soft skills of engineers