1. Raising awareness and demonstrating the concepts of TF & LF in 4 EIT RIS countries.

  • Demonstration of TF & LF concept allowing educational institutes to innovate the way manufacturing education is delivered, resulting in closer matching the
  • skills demanded by the industry and gain attractiveness.
  • Companies will gain access to expert knowledge and to a pool of novel ideas that can be benchmarked in academic environment, per specific need.
  • Companies will have the opportunity to learn from each other, exchange ideas, best practices and success stories.

2. Creating, installing and further developing TF & LF in 4 EIT RIS countries

  • Students will gain the right skills to become future manufacturing experts and increase their employability.
  • Universities and RTOs will better align their research focus with industrial needs.

3. Improving the methodology and didactics of TF & LF taking into account any relevant characteristics in EIT RIS countries

  • Integrate the specific characteristics of the involved countries, by addressing areas of industrial specialization and educational needs.
  • Open Innovation concept will boost the overall knowledge content and competitiveness of manufacturing
  • Socioeconomic benefits to the countries and regions where the programme is adopted by attracting and maintaining talent and entrepreneurship