LINPRA, the engineering industries association of Lithuania, is an independent self-governing business association with more than 100 member organizations – business companies and educational institutions. Both nationally and internationally, LINPRA represents the interests of the Lithuanian metal, machinery and equipment, electro-mechanics and electronics, plastics and rubber, laser and other technology industries.
LINPRA’s aim is to promote sustainable growth and international competitiveness of industry’s companies. Fuelling and accelerating Industry 4.0, LINPRA helps businesses reshape the way they work, digitize their processes, innovate and create, to keep up with other EU Member States. At the same time, in addition to public policy advocacy, LINPRA encourages advantage of clusterization, export development, settles relationships between businesses and other organisations across Europe and Lithuania, also aims for improved national education and high-quality employees’ training, to ensure that Lithuania has the right talent to realize the potential of its growing engineering and technology sector.

Role in the project:
Document and spread the outputs and findings in an open access database that will contain the activity methodology, reports and best practices that can serve as examples for setting up additional TFs in other EIT RIS countries. Build up the community, by introducing new companies, RTOs and educational institutes. Ensure widespread communication of the project, outcomes and benefits in different communication forms and channels, ensuring long-term sustainability.